Progressive Web App Development

PWAs are the next big thing in digital space - Mobile Apps that can be used without downloading

Design and Development of PWA

We worked with our client which is a funded startup from Germany to design and develop the PWA for Mobile phones and desktops. The goal of the client is to create a digital experience which can be used easily on mobile phones with good user experience with features like Notifications and Location tracking etc and also a good solution for web/desktop users. The client was aware that it is becoming difficult to get people to download the app and also market the app as in reality the content on the Mobile Apps cannot be indexed by the search engines. Based on the above requirements we suggested Progressive Web App (PWA), PWA provides the native experience to the users on Mobile devices and can be scaled for the web and can be used as on Mac and desktops as Desktop Application. We did the front end on React JS and the backend was developed on Node JS with Mongo DB as the database.

Tech Stack used for PWA


React.js for the application frontend


Node.js for the Apis ( Backend )


AWS Cloud Server, S3 Bucket and Firebase

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