Hybrid Mobile App Development

The app was developed on React Native, the most popular framework for Hybrid Mobile application development.

Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Cross Platform Mobile apps have picked up recently and there are a number of frameworks which can be used for building cross-platform apps, React Native, Ionic, Meteor, Phone gap, and onsen UI are some of the examples. We have expertise in React Native as we use react js for our web projects as well and this enables us to have a lot of experience using react/react Native. The hybrid application in discussion here is for a client from Germany and the app is a marketplace for service providers and service seekers. We were responsible for creating the UI/Ux of the app, Frontend Development on React Native and backend using Mongo DB and Node.js. The benefit of using a hybrid framework is, it reduces the development cost for the client and later maintenance cost + also reduces the new features release cycle time. Considering a major impact on the cost, most of our clients prefer to go with React Native apps (Hybrid Apps).

Important Points


Front End on React Native


APIs/services using Node.js


AWS used for cloud Server hosting the APIs

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