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Progressive Web Apps - (Google I/O ’17)

BookMyShow is India’s largest ticketing firm, with 50+ million monthly visitors, switched to Progressive Web App (PWA), delivering an 80+% increase in conversions.


Digital Trends Driving Industry 4.0 Revolution

Industry 4.0 is the Fourth Industrial Revolution where Cloud Computing, Cyber-Physical Systems, Connected Machines are converting factories into Smart Production Systems.

Internet of things-img

The Internet of Things, future evolution of connected objects!

The Internet of Things will lead us to redefine the notion of privacy, and reflect on the ubiquitous nature of technology in our daily lives.

We are a Boutique Consulting Firm with deep domain knowledge across verticals driving bottom line impact with digital solutions in most uncomplicated way.

Recent Work

E-Learning Solution for Universities

Successfully Developed and deployed E-Learning Solution build with Python, React JS and Powered by Machine Learning

E-Commerce Solution for Retail Client

Build on Magento 2.0 for furniture retail client - Web and Mobile Apps

Mobile App development for Optics and Imaging Industry

Director's View Finder app for optical industry leader used by famous directors

Progressive Web App Design and Development

PWAs are the next big thing in digital space - Mobile Apps that can be used without downloading

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Utilizing Hybrid Framework - React Native for Mobile app development reducing development and maintenance effort

What People are saying

“ We have been working with the Black Turtle team on Multiple Projects for last 3 Years, and it has been a great experience.”

André Hoffendahl

Partnerships are the only way to scale

Our Values

The best way to express our value system

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Defined Aims

We strive to become a leader in digital service industry by establishing strong and sustainable partnerships


A sustainable year on year growth with focus on delivering high quality service to our clients


A complete transparency and honesty towards clients and stakeholders ensuring a good working environment and growth for the team

Our Team

The entire team is based in one office, where every developer gets to interact with other developers, testers, designers, etc. Thus building a team spirit that is required to build outstanding products.


Feedback is really important for us to know where we lack as a team and where we need to improve. As a team, we encourage our clients to provide feedback and we ensure to work on them.

Why BlackTurtle ?

We believe technology is just an enabler and it plays a very little role in successful execution of the projects, having a mix of strong motivated tech team and good leadership makes all the difference.

Tech News

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Nike's auto-laced future

Why does the world need a self-lacing shoe? Haven’t you heard of Velcro? How will you tie your shoes when the Wi-Fi is down? That’s the gist of the instant response I got when I mentioned the new Adapt BB, a shoe from Nike with, yes, powered laces that tighte…

Here's how SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule will look motoring in from sea

If you're coming back from space at high speeds, it's generally safer to descend over water than land, for a number of reasons. Certainly SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule will do so, and this is how it'll look when it comes back to land aboard the Go Searcher ret…

Judge orders net neutrality lawsuit to go ahead despite shutdown

This week the possibility emerged that the ongoing government shutdown could delay net neutrality's day in court — but the court was not sympathetic to the FCC's request that the lawsuit be put off. Oral arguments for this major challenge to the agency's roll…

Tesla will end its buyer referral program for 'adding too much cost'

At the end of the month, Tesla will end a long-running referral program that offered incentives for existing Tesla owners to help drive sales. In its recent iterations, the referral system gifted new buyers who found their way to a Tesla through a friend with…

VC funding of cybersecurity companies hits record $5.3B in 2018

2018 wasn’t all bad. It turned out to be a record year for venture capital firms investing in cybersecurity companies. According to new data out by Strategic Cyber Ventures, a cybersecurity-focused investment firm with a portfolio of four cybersecurity compan…

Google remains the top open-source contributor to CNCF projects

According to the latest data from Stackalytics, a project founded by Mirantis and hosted by the OpenStack Foundation that visualizes a company’s contribution to open-source projects, Google remains the dominant force in the CNCF open-source ecosystem. Indeed,…

Netflix adds 8.8M paid subscribers globally, says it now accounts for 10 percent of U.S. TV screen time

Netflix just released its fourth quarter earnings report, which looks mixed compared to Wall Street expectations. The company added 8.8 million subscribers, well above the 7.6 million that it had predicted at the beginning of the quarter. It also beat estimat…

How Lyft envisions bringing VR and AR to your ride

Lyft is exploring ways to integrate virtual reality and augmented reality into your Lyft rides, according to a couple of patent applications TechCrunch came across today. The first, filed in July 2017, is for “providing a virtual reality transportation experi…

In defense of screen time

Silicon Valley engineers who design our tech gadgets won't let their kids anywhere near those devices -- they're convinced too much time in front of smartphones and iPads is rotting kids' brains.

Walmart adds four grocery delivery partners

Walmart has partnered with Point Pickup, Skipcart, AxleHire and Roadie to expand its grocery delivery program across four states. Walmart’s grocery delivery is currently available in more than 800 stores, and plans to be in 800 more this year. To use Walmart’…


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